Design a collaborative platform to guarantee food security

Collaborative network
INFOSAN - WHO (World Health Organization)

Use the latest innovations to provide WHO experts with a cutting-edge knowledge sharing platform

The international network of WHO food safety authorities, the INFOSAN network supports Member States in the management of food safety risks, ensuring rapid exchange of information in emergency situations so as to stop the spread of contaminated food from one country to another.

In 2011, Inovae created the first version of the platform and almost 10 years later, INFOSAN (WHO) reiterated its confidence and entrusted us with the development of a new collaborative platform for its community of experts.

The main objective was to integrate the latest proven innovations in knowledge sharing within a community of practice in order to re-engage INFOSAN members and regularly increase their participation in the portal.


The challenges

Promote the sharing and speed of transmission of key health and safety information

The platform enables complex exchanges of information on important health and safety topics. The ability to provide fast and reliable information on food contamination through the portal is essential. Our mission therefore focused on creating a technologically advanced solution via a portal which, for users, would be extremely simple, easy to use, but also visually attractive and ergonomic.

The objectives were clear:

  • increase user engagement
  • facilitate the transmission of vital information
  • create a collaborative platform also designed as a place for exchanges, discussions, events and regular interactions


Solutions and technologies

A cutting-edge technological combination

A solution that meets key needs

  • Framework / Application lifecycle support level
  • ease of integration, reuse
  • the headless move was important - separate back-end and front-end applications - so that we could build software that could scale independently and had fewer interdependencies. This choice makes it possible to facilitate certain evolutions or future changes such as a redesign of the design.

A technology based on Symfony + React

  • Symfony 5 as a back-end, using the API Platform distribution to provide a solid backbone to store the data structure and high compatibility through the Hydra API to communicate with a stand-alone Front-End application
  • Possibility of rapid integration with CDN
  • MariaDB mysql database for storing data, our recommended standard solution, with excellent support from any framework
  • React Front-End app for the best interactive user experience (and editing experience)
  • Integrating into React to serve as a live communication channel between members


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